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AppBank Takes Coveted Number 4 Spot as a Top Facebook Developer
Thanks to the holiday season, we ended 2010 with a big bang, with close to 3 million daily active users sending over 20 million gifts per day. The AppBank Team wishes all our creators a Prosperous and Happy New Year!
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AppBank breaks into the Top 10 Developers list on
Many thanks to our thousands of freelancers for making us the largest crowd-sourced social content provider! We are proud to now have the largest network of active apps on Facebook, powered by a global workforce of talented users.
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New Quotes App Template!
We're excited to announce the arrival of brand new Quotes Apps! Share funny, inspiring, or just plain awesome quotes by making an app using the super easy template! Create a Quotes App today and enter to win up to $75 cash!
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AppBank Rewards International Creators
We want to see your quality, foreign language quizzes! Create a foreign language quiz during the first half of August and you could win $75, $50, or $25 instantly!

Also, we need your help translating AppBank. Volunteer as a translator and receive a free goodie bag! For more info, send email to
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AppBank Makes AppData's Top Gainers List This Week!
AppBank continues to gain momentum and this week, AppData has recognized AppBank as a 'Top Gainer' with an MAU increase of over 32% or more than 560,000! We don't plan on slowing down, so watch with us as we continue to climb the 'Top Gainer' ladder!
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Language Options for Quiz Templates
We're happy to announce that you can now choose from 8 different language settings for quizzes! Help us make AppBank even more internationally accessible by letting us know of any translation errors or if we've left out your native language.
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New and Improved AppBank Forum!
Check out the new forum for important information including FAQs, support answers, announcements, contests and more! Share your applications, experiences, tips, tricks, and suggestions with other fellow developers and become an even more integral member of the AppBank Community!
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AppBank Rewards Quiz Creators
Want to earn some super quick CA$H? Who wouldn't! At AppBank, we love rewarding hard work so for the month of July, we're giving away quick $$$ to our top quiz creators! Earn up to $75 cash simply by creating a quality quiz today! Click below for details.
  More Contest Details AppData: AppBank is a 'Top Gainer'
See the latest trends, as our own creator-generated app " Especially For You " gains some serious momentum as a Top Gainer this week. 944,474 monthly active users and getting stronger by the hour! AppBank Launches Live
After months of development and operation in stealth mode, we are excited to announce the release of our crowd-sourced, paid content platform. This patent-pending system is the first platform that allows developers to make money for creating applications on Facebook. Anyone can do it, there's no need to understand computer code, no website maintenance, and best of all it's free! All you have to do is create quality applications and then sit back and relax and watch the money roll in! Turn your spare time into "cash time!"

The Wall Street Journal Domain-Name Vet Launches App For Paid Facebook Content
(The Wall Street Journal)
Hsu founded domain-name management and marketing company in 2000. The profitable company grew to about $200 million revenue in 2007, and raised $150 million in its first equity financing from Oak Hill Capital Partners in early 2008.Hsu left his operational role in Oversee in September 2007 to look for investments and opportunities to start a new company. He remains on the board of Oversee. Now Hsu has co-founded Appbank, a company that pays people to create popular viral quizzes, polls and other games on Facebook. The just-launched service is already profitable and has about 3,000 applications that have been created in private beta, Hsu said.
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The New York Times AppBank Wants to Help You Cash In on Facebook Apps
(The New York Times)
AppBank, a Seattle-based startup, today is launching a free application in beta that lets people without coding skills build their own Facebook apps, such as a quiz or game, in four steps - and earn a cut of the revenue from ads placed within them. The company provides a database of statistics and tutorials on its web site to help people manage and modify their applications in order to attract users and ultimately, pocket more cash.
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Google News AppBank: 30000 New Users
(Google News)
Seattle-based AppBank, a developer of tools which helps people create their own quizzes on Facebook, said today that it has added nearly 30000 new users ...
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King 5 Tech report: Facebook polls, the Window Channel and more
(King 5)
The people behind Seattle startup AppBank, which launched this week, are banking on it. They help members of Facebook, the world's biggest social media network, create applications for those quizzes and polls that your Facebook friends are no doubt sending you.
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PC World AppBank Lets Users Cash In On Facebook Apps
(PC World)
A Seattle-based startup is launching a free beta version of its application which enables users to cash in on the popularity of Facebook apps and quizzes-even if they have no programming or coding skills. AppBank provides the data, statistics, and training to help users target apps for profit, and the platform to enable them to create new apps, then shares the revenue with the user.
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Read Write Start AppBank: Facebook App Template and Cash For Non-Developers
(ReadWrite Start)
Eight years ago job titles like "social media marketer" and even "community manager" were few and far between. As netizen and social networking populations have grown over the years, so too have the number of opportunities to earn money online. Enter AppBank - the first crowd-sourced paid content service for Facebook. With AppBank, users build quizzes, polls and games and earn money by getting their friends involved in their creations.
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Inside Social Games AppBank Lets Users Create Apps and Make Money at the Same Time
(Inside Social Games)
AppBank is a new service that lets social network users build apps and make money from them. With thousands of apps ranging from quizzes and gifting programs, to polls and games, Facebook has become a goliath within the social space. However, even with all the social developers out there, a large portion of those apps come from the users themselves - as seen with the success of companies like LOLapps. To this end, AppBank is looking to provide a free means for those creative individuals to earn a little extra cash, per month, for their hard work using an ad-share model.
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People like wasting their time on Facebook and AppBank is looking to exploit that fact to help you make money off them. While you probably won't get rich off of AppBank, you can earn a few hundred extra dollars per month in order to pay for beer ... err ... I mean "buying college books". The platform enables non-technical people to create "high-quality quizzes, gifts, polls, surveys, tests, and games". The difference between this one and traditional "create your own app" services is that creators of the applications can actually generate income from them.
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The Seattle Times AppBank launches, offering cash to Facebook app developers
(The Seattle Times)
"Making social money" is the tagline for a new Seattle startup that intends to pay people for developing Facebook applications. AppBank plans to make money by running ads alongside the games, puzzles, surveys and other apps people create for the social networking service, then share the revenue. Chief Executive Fred Hsu earlier was a co-founder of, a domain asset management company. The company - which is self-funded with $450,000 from Hsu and other co-founders -- has been testing its tools with 3,000 app creators that it claims are earning up to $800 per month.
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Tech Flash AppBank: Learn to make money as a social networking pro
(Tech Flash)
Want to make a little money on Facebook? If so, a new startup may have a pitch for you. AppBank today is releasing a way for everyday Facebook users -- college students, stay-at-home-moms and others -- to create and publish polls, quizzes, games and other social networking applications. And here's the best part. If a quiz, test or game goes viral, AppBank shares a portion of the ad revenue with the content creators. Or, as the company says in its promotional materials: "With AppBank, you turn your spare time into "Cash Time" by creating content your friends and Facebook users can engage with."
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A new startup thinks it can take a slice of the booming make-your-own Facebook app market with a seemingly simple strategy: Pay users to create apps. AppBank, which launches today, gives users a cut of the ad revenue generated from the ads that surround the basic polls and quizzes they build. The product has been in private beta for five months now and apps created on it have already been viewed millions of times, including eight million times last month alone.
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Looks to Become the Ad King for Social Apps
AppBank is a six-person company focused on developing software to help Facebook users create social entertainment applications - and get paid for them. The company is rolling out the public beta version of its site today. The world of Facebook apps is very crowded, of course, but what AppBank is trying to do is give average Facebook users easier ways to make simple apps like quizzes, surveys, and games in their spare time, and more effective ways to make money from them by providing targeted advertising.
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SoCalTech's Hsu Surfaces With New Startup
(SoCal Tech)
One of the co-founders of, the successful Los Angeles domain name monetization firm, has surfaced in Seattle with a new startup, Fred Hsu, who co-founded along with Lawrence Ng, has started AppBank to allow users to create and share Facebook quizzes and other applications. AppBank will provide advertising revenue share to users to create their own quizzes, polls, and other applications through its service. The firm is headquartered in Seattle, where Hsu moved for family reasons; the startup also has employees in the Inland Empire here in the Los Angeles area.
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Northwest Innovation Interview with Fred Hsu, Appbank
(Northwest Innovation)
This morning, Seattle-based AppBank ( announced that it has created a new service which allows people to easily create their own applications in Facebook, and share in ad revenues from those applications. The firm is the latest startup of Fred Hsu, a serial entrepreneur who recently moved up here to Seattle, and previously had success as co-founder of Los Angeles-based Fred is CEO and President of the firm, and talked with us last week about today's launch.
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AppBank Takes Coveted Number 4 Spot as a Top Facebook Developer
Thanks to the holiday season, we ended 2010 with a big bang, with close to 3 million daily active users sending over 20 million gifts per day. The AppBank Team wishes all our creators a Prosperous and Happy New Year!
AppBank breaks into the Top 10 Developers list on
Many thanks to our thousands of freelancers for making us the largest crowd-sourced social content provider! We are proud to now have the largest network of active apps on Facebook, powered by a global workforce of talented users.