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Offer Virtual Currency
Offer virtual currency options to your users just like FarmVille and other big games! Make revenue from each transaction!
In-Game Offers
Give In-Game offers to your users and make cash from each user who fills out an offer. Guaranteed Scam-Free!
AppBank Takes Coveted Number 4 Spot as a Top Facebook Developer
Thanks to the holiday season, we ended 2010 with a big bang, with close to 3 million daily active users sending over 20 million gifts per day. The AppBank Team wishes all our creators a Prosperous and Happy New Year!
AppBank breaks into the Top 10 Developers list on
Many thanks to our thousands of freelancers for making us the largest crowd-sourced social content provider! We are proud to now have the largest network of active apps on Facebook, powered by a global workforce of talented users.