At AppBank, we love seeing all of our creators’ finest work whether it be a gifting, gaming, trivia, or quiz app. We’ve specifically noticed how popular our gifting applications have become and we couldn’t be more thrilled! However, we’d love to add to our growing quiz inventory MORE QUALITY QUIZZES so we’re asking for your help! Want to earn some super quick cash? Who wouldn’t! You can earn $75 simply by creating a quality quiz. The only requirement is that it is MOVIE or TV-BASED, that’s it! Here are a few examples: Which Dancer from SYTYCD Are You?”, “Which A-Team Member Are You?” or “What’s Your Talent (from American’s Got Talent)?”

Instead of measuring the quizzes based on MAU, we’ll be choosing based on the level of quality of the content itself. A creative title, in-depth questions and results, integration of relevant images, good spelling and grammar, and originality will all be taken into account. The contest starts July 1 and goes until July 15, at which point we’ll announce our picks for the highest quality quizzes. The first place winner will receive $75 automatically deposited into their PayPal account followed by $50 for second and $25 for third. We’ll launch another contest for the second half of the month, so stay tuned. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter and watch out for our weekly newsletter for more tips and contest news.

REMEMBER: The more QUALITY quizzes you make, the better your chance to win so get started today!