Creating Apps on AppBank
Custom Applications
Virtual Gifting Apps
Create an app where you can send virtual gifts to friends with ease. It's also a great way to highlight and share your artwork as an original artist. Popular examples of gifting apps include "Friend Hug", "Sends Kisses", and "Send Sweets".
Personality Quizzes
Determine your friends' personality type through a series of multiple choice questions. We will compute the closest match based on the users' answers.
Scored Personality Quizzes
Similar to Personality Quiz except that users' results are scored on a scale. Use this template to create "How Smart/Fat/Sexy/___Are You?" style quizzes.
Competitive Gaming Apps
Create an app which lets users battle each other by sending virtual objects to one another. Rack up a win if your opponent fails to fight back within 2 days. Design your own attacks by uploading images and writing creative actions for each attack.
Popular Quotes Apps
Create funny or famous quotes to send to your friends. Popular examples include "Sex and The City Quotes", "Love Quotes", and "Most Interesting Man".
AppBank Takes Coveted Number 4 Spot as a Top Facebook Developer
Thanks to the holiday season, we ended 2010 with a big bang, with close to 3 million daily active users sending over 20 million gifts per day. The AppBank Team wishes all our creators a Prosperous and Happy New Year!
AppBank breaks into the Top 10 Developers list on
Many thanks to our thousands of freelancers for making us the largest crowd-sourced social content provider! We are proud to now have the largest network of active apps on Facebook, powered by a global workforce of talented users.